Proprietary Programs at Eastside Career Development Center

Proprietary Programs

Our school will be delivering the following two proprietary programs.

Clinical Nurse Aide Certificate Program with Clinical Externship.

This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge base necessary to become a Clinical Nurse Aide and potentially begin the career path toward Registered Nurse. This course is designed to provide students with the complete healthcare knowledge base necessary to sit for the certification exam in their state. Students do not receive certification simply by taking this course: they must sit for their state’s certification exam. Students will gain an understanding of basic medical knowledge and will learn procedures and techniques for providing sensitive and appropriate medical/personal care to a wide range of patients. In order to obtain certification in specific states, it is necessary to complete the clinical hour requirements for that state, as well as obtain a criminal background check, CPR certification, TB testing, and other screenings as required by that state.

Course Code: ESIDE-CLNA

Course Duration: 12 weeks

Price: $3,999

Assisted Living Technician Certification Program with Clinical Externship.

This comprehensive program prepares students for a position as an Assisted Living Technician. Emphasis is on providing care to clients living in retirement communities or senior housing complexes where full-time care may not be required, but an understanding and professional staff is necessary to be there for them when needed. Seniors in these communities may require various levels and types assistance depending on their specific situation, needs and wants. Assisted Living Technicians are compassionate, caring and skilled healthcare professionals that provide this assistance or care for the peace of mind of both the senior population in their charge and the families who wish to see their loved ones continue to thrive in their later years. This program will ensure students are prepared to provide a variety of essential services for their clients with the compassion, sensitivity and understanding necessary to provide care when needed and independence when not. Beyond the medical training provided, this course will ensure students have full understanding of the assisted living environment.

Course Code: ESIDE-ALT

Course Duration: 12 weeks

Price: $3,950