Eastside Career Development Center in Wilmington, DE

Eastside Career Development Center

Charismatic and faith-based business leader Rev. Dr. Keeling is the foundation upon which Eastside Career Development stands and continues to grow. The organization’s original name was the Eastside Rising Training Center in 2011. In 2020, the name was changed and formerly established as the Eastside Career Development Center, a limited liability company and Central Baptist Community Development Corporation subsidiary. In 2023, our organization received national accreditation.

The Eastside Career Development Center is a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation invested in closing the workforce skills gap by providing all people, more specifically underserved communities with the training necessary for sustainable jobs and careers. Our anti-poverty intention is to continuously receive learner and industry feedback to improve our training delivery and remain relevant, inclusive, and equitable insofar as learning opportunities enable learners to thrive in the classroom and the workplace.


Our mission is to train individuals to transform their lives and community.


Our vision is to provide opportunities to reduce the number of poverty-stricken residents living in distressed neighborhoods.


Our values are guided by procedural justice principles to treat people with respect, dignity, and empowerment.